India has come a long way from the days it was considered a land of snake charmers and oriental bric a brac!
Today it represents giant, ever-expanding IT hub.

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ALPS Products are perfected by
Global Cutting Edge Technology & Innovative Design

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Hearing Aids for Todays Lifestyle

We engineer comfort and simplicity into every style of hearing aid
we make and with ALPS’s top class micro-processor technology; our hearing aids are feature-rich, yet small.

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Welcome to ALPS International


Through master class innovation ALPS aims to empower people across the globe with the best hearing solutions. Our current range of digital hearing aids are both world class and embedded with state of the art technology.



ALPS offers a wide variety of styles and technology levels for any type of hearing loss. Products are developed emphasizing credible evidence to influence design, which means in our clinics we demonstrate the benefits of new technology and features before always fitting somebody with any hearing aid.


ALPS continues to make a dedicated effort in empowering people with a hearing loss by providing world class hearing solutions at an affordable price.

As Small as a Pea

ALPS hearing aids are so tiny, no one will notice you're wearing them.

Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids solutions are a great opportunity for those with mild to severe hearing loss who are considering an inconspicuous hearing aid for everyday use. Our experts at ALPS make sure that every hearing aid is customized for you.

ALPS hearing aids are so minute that this is all you wear.. as small as a pea.

CIC hearing aids can be removed via a small extension cord.

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Space i

Introducing Space i for Proundly Hearing Impaired.

New Amazer Series

This new line of product will showcase more versatility in life and also has new features. Follow our FB page to be updated.

Notice Board for Employees

More Notices can be put

  • Ayush Thaosen Grandson

    I wanted to tell you that bringing my grandmother to your hearing center was one of the best decisions I made in my life! She appreciates the personal time ALPS has spent with her to explain how this state of the art device functions.

  • Satya Student

    I want to thank you for the professional way ALPS handled my hearing problem, helped me pick out the right hearing aid and fit it to my needs. You gave me back the world of hearing and I love it.

Space i

Got a new smartphone or a Bluetooth enabled music player? Our new 'Space i' are Bluetooth compatible You can listen to your favorite tunes and respond to your calls on phone on Bluetooth.

Ideal for profoundly hearing impaired.

Automatic Feedback Cancellation

iPhone and Android compatible. Meets latest Bluetooth standards, making pairing hassle-free.

Paediatric Earhooks Available.

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latest Products

Some of our recent products in the market

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ALPS International is always looking for every opportunity to expand and grow so that our products can reach all those people who cannot afford. Currently ALPS is looking for distributors and resellers in Europe, USA and South America.
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Need assistance in operating out ALPS device? Can't canange battery pack or any other queries?
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Click here to learn more about device warranty and support provided by ALPS.
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